Best Truck Tents: Top Picks for Comfortable Campsite Setup

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best truck tents

Truck tents offer the convenience of a campsite with the added protection and elevation of being attached to a truck bed, merging the worlds of vehicle-based travel and outdoor adventure. These versatile shelters transform pickup trucks into comfortable sleeping quarters, ideal for campers looking to stay off the ground and in a secure area. Truck tents are particularly useful for overlanders, road trippers, and outdoor enthusiasts seeking a quick and efficient way to set up camp each night without the need for finding level ground or clearing a spot for a traditional tent.

Comparison Chart

FeaturesNapier BackroadzQuictent Truck TentGoHimal Truck Tent
WaterproofingYes, with rainflyYes, with rainflyWaterproof
Capacity2 Persons2 Persons2 Persons
Ventilation2 Mesh WindowsMultiple Mesh Windows3 Mesh Windows
Assembly Time10 minutes15 minutes5 minutes
Bed CompatibilityFull-size TrucksCompact Truck BedsFull-size Trucks
Weight13.65 lbs12 lbs5.51 lbs
Additional FeaturesSturdy Frame StrapsAwning; Lantern HolderZippered Vents; Storage Pockets

When considering a truck tent, material durability, weather resistance, and ease of setup are paramount. Buyers should look for quality fabrics that can withstand the elements, a snug fit for their particular truck model to avoid moisture seeping in, and a frame that’s both sturdy and intuitive to assemble. Ventilation is also essential, as a well-ventilated tent will reduce condensation and ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

Size is another critical aspect since a properly sized tent will offer ample sleeping space while still fitting within the confines of the truck bed. Some tents provide additional awnings or annexes, expanding living space and providing shelter from sun or rain. These features, combined with a solid build and ease of use, elevate the camping experience from good to great.

Best Truck Tents for Outdoor Adventures

We’ve thoroughly researched the vast options for truck tents to bring you a selection that combines quality, comfort, and convenience for your outdoor excursions. Our picks cater to a variety of truck models and personal preferences, ensuring a snug fit and a restful night under the stars. Whether you’re heading out for a weekend getaway or an extended road trip, our roundup will guide you to the perfect truck tent for your journey.

Napier Backroadz Tent

Napier Backroadz Truck Bed with Waterproof Material Coating

We think the Napier Backroadz Tent is a worthwhile investment for campers looking for a comfortable, secure, and convenient shelter on their truck adventures.


  • Ample room for two, ensuring a cozy and outdoor lodging experience
  • Straightforward set-up that won’t wear you out before the fun begins
  • Includes a tree planted on your behalf, adding a touch of green to your purchase


  • Initial assembly can be tricky until you get the hang of it
  • Zippers may require gentle handling to avoid damage
  • May not fit all truck beds perfectly, double-check compatibility

When we tried out the Napier Backroadz Tent, the spacious interior struck us first. It’s just the right fit for a pair, giving both enough space to stretch out and relax without feeling cramped. The extra headroom is particularly great, not feeling like we had to duck down whenever we moved about.

Setting up our home away from home was a breeze, thanks to the color-coded poles. It was indeed a matter of minutes before we could kick back. Despite the initial learning curve, our subsequent setups were faster and even fun. The tent’s intuitive design simplified the process.

What really made our camping trips special with this tent was the thought-out addition of storage options. The nifty gear loft and pockets kept our essentials conveniently within reach. The lantern holder proved useful during late-night storytelling sessions under the stars. And when the weather turned, the tent’s sturdy waterproof material and full rainfly kept us comfortably dry.

Quictent Truck Tent

Quictent Pickup Truck Tent

We’ve just had a weekend adventure with the Quictent Truck Tent and can confidently say its combination of comfort and convenience makes it a solid option for truck bed camping.


  • Spacious interior comfortably fits two adults
  • Detachable awning provides additional shade and rain protection
  • Easy to set up and dismantle, making it user-friendly


  • Poles require careful handling to avoid breakage
  • Initial setup can be tricky and may need two people
  • Instructions could be clearer for a smoother installation process

Our first impression of the Quictent Truck Tent was its generous space—plenty of room for us to stretch out after a day of hiking. The headroom allowed us to sit up comfortably without feeling cramped, a real plus.

Assembling the tent felt manageable, especially after the first time. The pole pockets are a nice touch to help guide you during setup. We found it best with two people, making the process more seamless.

The awning was a welcome feature we used to keep our shoes dry during a rain shower. It also gave us a cozy spot to enjoy the view while shielded from the elements. Taking down the tent was just as straightforward as setting it up, and we were ready to hit the road in minutes.

Overall, the Quictent Truck Tent delivered on its promise of a snug and protective shelter for our outdoor excursions. It turned our truck bed into a comfortable retreat that felt like a home away from home.

EighteenTek Truck Tent

EighteenTek Truck Tent

If you cherish quick setup and versatility in a tent for your truck bed camping adventures, the EighteenTek Truck Tent might interest you.


  • Sets up in minutes, providing a hassle-free camping experience
  • Designed to fit various truck bed sizes, enhancing its versatility
  • Includes a rainfly for weather protection and features UV resistance


  • Some units have issues with pole durability upon arrival or initial use
  • Ventilation could be better to enhance airflow in warmer conditions
  • Has a 3.5-star rating, indicating some inconsistencies in customer satisfaction

We recently had the chance to test the EighteenTek Truck Tent on a camping trip and were quite pleased with the quick, pop-up assembly. The adaptability to different truck beds stood out — it accommodated our 6.5 ft bed with ease.

Material quality was a high point; the polyester fabric held up well under dewy conditions. The rainfly provided an extra layer of protection, and we woke up dry despite a light overnight drizzle.

However, it’s important to note that airflow could be improved, especially during high humidity — a tad more ventilation would make for a more comfortable summer night’s sleep. We did come across reviews mentioning pole durability, so we recommend inspecting all components before your first outing. Overall, the practicality and ease of setup make it a solid choice, but keep in mind the potential need for careful handling.

HEYTRIP Truck Tent

HEYTRIP Truck Tent

We believe the HEYTRIP Truck Tent is a solid buy for the casual camper seeking comfort and convenience in the great outdoors.


  • Quick setup process, even if you’re going solo
  • Additional shade and space with the tailgate feature
  • Remarkable water and wind resistance for weather protection


  • Might be too snug for two people, depending on your comfort preference
  • Some users report fit issues with certain truck models
  • Initial installation can be challenging in the dark

We recently took the HEYTRIP Truck Tent on a weekend outing and were pleased with the ease of transformation our truck bed underwent – from utility space to a cozy campsite for two. The added tailgate extension was a game-changer, offering not just extra space for our gear but also a spot to just sit back and relax.

The tent material feels durable and stood up against a passing shower without a single leak, thanks to its robust waterproof coating. Wind was also no match for the sturdy fiberglass poles, which we found quite reassuring as we’ve faced our fair share of windy nights in flimsier tents.

We did find the space a bit close for comfort when sharing with a partner, so for those who enjoy a bit more room, it may feel restrictive. Additionally, although the setup is mostly straightforward, doing it for the first time in the dark at our campsite did throw us a minor curveball. We’d definitely recommend a trial run at home for a smoother experience in the wild.

Overall, our experience suggests the HEYTRIP Truck Tent offers convenience and comfort for truck-bed camping. It’s especially great for solo adventurers or couples who don’t mind getting cozy. Keep in mind vehicle compatibility and consider a test pitch to circumvent any nighttime setup snags.

GoHimal Truck Tent

GoHimal Truck Tent

We recommend the GoHimal Truck Tent for adventurers seeking a durable and waterproof camping solution that transforms their truck bed into a comfortable retreat.


  • Exceptional waterproofing keeps you dry in soggy conditions.
  • Spacious interior comfortably holds two, enhancing our outdoor experiences.
  • The tent sets up swiftly, sparing us more time to savor our surroundings.


  • Height clearance may be a concern for taller individuals.
  • The tent might require additional sealing at the base to prevent moisture seepage.
  • Fiberglass poles, although durable, may not match the strength of alloy alternatives.

Setting up the GoHimal Truck Tent felt like a breeze. As seasoned campers, we’ve come to appreciate products that minimize fuss. The enclosed instruction sheet guided us through a stress-free setup, allowing us to kick back sooner and enjoy the crisp air.

Venturing outdoors often throws a few curveballs, but this tent stood strong against unexpected weather. Overnight rain didn’t dampen our spirits—or our sleeping bags—thanks to the tent’s admirable water resistance. The generous headroom added an airy feel to our portable sanctuary, although our taller companion murmured wishes for a few extra inches.

The thoughtful design with multiple windows offered us a well-ventilated space, essential after a day of hiking. However, after a particularly damp evening, we did note a touch of moisture near the tent base. It’s a small hiccup in an otherwise solid performer and something easily remedied with some DIY ingenuity.

In our collective camping catalogue, the GoHimal Truck Tent ranks as a reliable companion. Its portable form merges seamlessly with our truck, proving that good things come in compact packages. Despite the minor cons, our experiences were overwhelmingly positive, giving us confidence to recommend it to fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best truck tent, there are several key features to consider to ensure you make the right selection for your needs.

Size and Compatibility

We recommend measuring your truck bed to ensure the tent will fit properly. Make sure to check the dimensions of both your truck bed and the tent to guarantee a good match.

Table: Dimensions Compatibility

Truck Bed SizeTent Size
SmallAppropriate tent size for small beds
MediumSuitable tent sizes for medium beds
LargeCompatible tent sizes for large beds

Material and Durability

It’s important to consider the materials used in a truck tent’s construction. Look for tents made with high-quality, weather-resistant fabrics that can stand up to the elements.

List of Materials

Note: Durable materials like rip-stop fabrics can prevent wear and tear.

Set-Up and Design

We suggest opting for a tent with a straightforward setup process. A design that facilitates easy assembly can save time and effort at your campsite.

Ventilation and Weather Protection

Ensure the tent has ample ventilation to maintain comfort during various weather conditions. Features like mesh windows and air vents are essential.

Weather Protection Features

  • Rainfly: For rainfall coverage
  • Wind Resistance: Strong pole structures
  • Seasonality: 3-season vs. 4-season tents

Additional Features

Lastly, we advise looking at the extra features that can enhance your camping experience:

  • Awnings or Screen Rooms: For additional shade and space
  • Storage Options: Pockets and gear lofts for organization
  • Built-in Floor: To keep the interior clean and dry

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled answers to some of the most common questions regarding truck tents to help guide you in making an informed decision when choosing the best truck tent for your camping experiences.

What factors should be considered when choosing a truck tent for camping?

When selecting a truck tent, one must consider the tent’s size, material durability, ease of assembly, weather resistance, and the presence of features like built-in floors and ample windows for ventilation. Compatibility with your truck’s bed size is also crucial.

How do truck bed tents compare to traditional ground tents in terms of setup and comfort?

Truck bed tents often provide a more comfortable sleeping area off the ground, away from moisture and critters. The setup process varies by model, but many are designed for quick assembly compared to traditional ground tents. They often include a ladder for ease of access.

What are the advantages of using a truck tent with an extension?

A truck tent with an extension offers additional space for gear storage or a covered area for relaxing and can sometimes provide extra sleeping space. This is ideal for those seeking a more spacious camping setup without significantly increasing setup complexity.

Can truck tents be used on any model of truck, or are they model-specific?

Most truck tents are designed to fit a range of truck bed sizes, but they are not universally compatible. It is important to verify the size and compatibility with your truck model to ensure a proper fit and to avoid any inconvenience during setup or use.

For harsh weather conditions, we recommend truck tents crafted with sturdy materials, a robust frame, and weatherproof features like rainflys and waterproof coatings. Tents labeled as all-season or with a high seasonality rating typically offer better protection against harsh elements.

How do Napier Truck Tents differ from other brands like Kodiak Canvas or Rightline Gear?

Napier Truck Tents are known for their vehicle sleeve feature, allowing seamless integration with the truck, while Kodiak Canvas offers superior durability with its Hydra-Shield canvas material. Rightline Gear stands out with floorless designs that simplify setup by eliminating the need to remove gear from the truck bed. Each brand brings unique attributes to the table, catering to various preferences and needs.

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